How to Use The Wildflower Collection to Set Intentions

   Some of my items are created to use as tools for spiritual and personal development! The Wildflower Collection, for example, was created to use for setting intentions. This article will explain just how you can do that! Let’s get to it! 

   Draw your bath and feel the water slowly making it’s way over your skin. Think of each part of your body that it touches, noticing how it feels. When you are relaxed and ready to set your intention, drop the bath bomb of your choice into the water. As you watch the fizz being freed from the bath bomb, repeat your intention in your mind. I am carefree, I am gentle, I am flexible, I am beautiful, I am courageous. Whatever it is you need more of in your life. Manifest it now. After you’ve enjoyed the fizz and set your intention, lay back into the water and close your eyes. Let your mind conjure up an image of your wildflower. Is it a carefree spirit, dancing in a slight breeze?? Are you focusing in on the natural beauty of the flower itself, admiring its unedited, unfiltered form? Hone in on that in which you desire and learn the lessons that the wildflowers have to teach us. You can even imagine yourself as a wildflower. What would be your favorite attribute? Would you have the striking blue petals of a butterfly pea flower?? The soft, gentle aura of Jasmine? In your mind there are no limits. Pick any flower you want, even combine them if that’s what gets the job done!! And for as long as time allows or as long as you desire, reflect on your image. Let the scent of the bath bomb help put you in the wild where you thrive. When you are ready, open your eyes. Then put your lessons to use!